Illuminati Members Portal [BETA 1.5]

There are two types of Verification in the Illuminati Members Portal. Official accounts managed by agents of the Illuminatiam will always display a blue Verified Illuminati badgeIlluminati Member Badge on their profile.

Example of a Verified Illuminati profile: https://illuminati.mp/profile/illuminati/

When a citizen’s identity has been verified and connected to their Illuminati Members Portal account, a blue Verified checkIlluminati Verified Badge will be displayed on their profile.

Example of a Verified citizen profile: https://illuminati.mp/profile/helen/

Though theIlluminati Verified Badge badge is often used to distinguish public figures and community leaders, citizens with these verified badges are not authorized to speak on our behalf, and the appearance of this badge does not imply endorsement of any specific citizen or the content of their profiles. All accounts authorized to speak on our behalf are marked with the Illuminati Member Badge badge.

Some users may attempt to falsify a Verified account by adding a badge to their profile photo. Legitimate badges of Verified accounts will appear below a user’s profile photo, will display the words “Verified Account” or “Verified Illuminati” when hovered (on desktop computers only), and will link to this page when clicked. If the badge appears anywhere else on a user’s profile, their badge may be fake.

The Illuminati Members Portal is open to the public and any citizen may create an account under any name they choose. If a person approaches you online and claims to be an Illuminati member, but their account is not listed on this page, they are not authorized to speak on our behalf. All profiles of our representatives in the Illuminati Members Portal are marked with this badge: Illuminati Member Badge. There are no exceptions to this rule.

There is no membership fee to join the Illuminati. Anyone who solicits money for membership in the Illuminati should be reported to us immediately.

To report an account that you believe is falsely posing as an Illuminati agent, click here.