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My name is Guillermo, but I go by “Rev. Guimo” online. I’m a blogger, ordained minister, toy collector, spiritual researcher, and Philosophy major. I’m well read when it comes to ontology, philosophy, sociology, global religions and esoteric thought. I tend to focus a lot more on mystic and abstract philosophers because I find them the most interesting.

Although I spend a lot of my personal time studying, I’m also a big kid; I love comics and cartoons, weird sci-fi monster movies, and collecting kitschy stuff. If you check out my website it’s a whole mixed bag of fun weird stuff.

A lot of my writing is online on Blogger if you’d like to look, I’ve put most of my spiritual writings under various sections, or feel free to follow me on Twitter.

I might come across as a goof, but I take my studies pretty seriously. I hope you enjoy what you see here and stick around for more!


United States
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