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💎Jewell Theresa Seraphina
Vernon ⚜

Bob Marley🎙🎶✌
⚜"Being The One Is Like Being In Love.😍 NO ONE Has To Tell You You're In Love.💘
You Just KNOW It ...
- The Oracle, Matrix Movie⚜

💎A Favorite Quote: 👇
"What Lies Behind Us...
and What Lies Before Us,
Are Small Matters....
Compared To...
What Lies Within Us;🔺️
...And When We Bring Forth, What Is Within Us...🕯🕯🕯
... To The World🌎....."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson✒📚

⚜My Real "BirthName", In This Incarnation... Is "Jewell."💎
The Last of 6 Children...
Named by My Father;
⚜Hugh Anthony CLEM,🔺️Sr.
"A New Orleans ORIGINAL, French Creole."⚜
He was A Southern, Aristocrat🎩 ...
...Or As It Is Spoken Of, In The Oldest Circles in "The Crescent City"🌙 Of New Orleans, As,...
"The Upper Echelons Of The Creole Society"⚜
...Born of The Oldest, French-European Heritage in America, "Created", from the Many Unique Cultures To Settle, in Historical Orleans📖,
During Its Inception;📚
..... ⚜"French-Creole".⚜*
*Ref:📖 The French Quarter -
Herbert Asbury📚
My Grand-mere's family, came over from France,🚢
in the Late 1800s🗼.
My Father was an Educator🎓,
A Mathematics Professor, Born in Circa 1921. He had A Very long career and taught at Many Learning Institutions,🎓 on The High School and College Level including, LSU University🐯
in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
(GO TIGERS!)🏈🎉😉🤜
A position he eventually gave up for a position closer to home, to be closer to his family, as we lived in New Orleans.⚜
I was to be his Last Child, And the only with Green Eyes.💚
.. I was "Daddy's Green-Eyed, Baby Girl".💚", "His Jewell."💎
"The Jewell Of The (Delta) Nile" 💎🤗
...A name he called me until he passed.⚰ I was Very Close to both of my Parents.👨‍👩‍👧❤ Both were Natives Of Louisiana.⚜
My Mother, ♀️
⚜Edith Lorraine Vernon,🍷
Born On St. John's Eve, in Roseland,🌹Louisiana.(The wrong side of the tracks🚉😉) To A Very Spiritual Inheritance.🌹🥀 Later, I came to Realize that My Mother,🥀 An Ephesian,🏰 & A Very Spirited Woman,💀🙏🏼...
Was Indeed Gifted 🎁 With "FORESIGHT", and PREDICATED Many Things📜...
That Have Come to Pass👀...
In My Own Life.🌹🥀.
...Both are now passed from this plane of Existence,⚰ & Have joined My Ancestors.💀☠🙏
📜✒So, This Page, And My Journey That Has Led Me To This Path, 🌄
Towards the Light,🕯
Is Dedicated to You,
"Mommy and Daddy"👨‍👩‍👧🥰

🙏A Dedication To Both:
My Mother and My Father,
And To All of My Many Ancestors,⚜💀☠💀☠💀☠⚜
Whom I Have Felt Guiding Me Thus Far.🙏🔺️

⚜I am a New Orleans Native; Of French Creole Descent, Born And Raised In, The Heart💗
of The Garden District In New Orleans.🌺🌻🌼🌷...
Very Close to my Favorite Paranormal Writer, 📚.
Anne Rice✒📖... I read all of her books growing up, and Yes,😏... I gathered outside her home every Halloween🎃...
along with the rest of her Goth Fans,☠ from all over the world🌍...dressed in all black, much to my parents dismay🙄😉
With, "The MOST Recorded📽Paranormal Activity To Date", And, a BRUTAL HISTORY📚...
to back it up.*
(A lot of unfinished business, makes a "HOTBED"🔥🛏 for Paranormal Activity👻
...and Spirits 💀Have long Memories🧠)
*REF: 📖New Orleans Elegance And Decadence - Richard Sexton📖📚
... Yes, My Ancestors REALLY are,💀 "The Witches🔥 Of The New Orleans French Quarter"⚜😉😊
⚜The Official Flower🥀 of The City of My Birth Is,
"The Fleur di lis",⚜ Which MEANS, "Feminine Virtue And Spirituality".🔎📖📚
...Or As it is known of in Certain Circles as,
⚜"The Flower of Divine Feminine"♀️⚜
... Having been Born On The 4th Day of December🎂, or "The Day of The Voodooian Orisha, SHANGO"
(12/4 - In The 13th Constellation of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus/Serpentarius), Or "The Day Of The Wrath🍷",
As it is known , and celebrated in the Oldest of Voodooian Traditions,
I was unaware of My TRUE Voodooian Heritage;⚜
Its Unique Historical Significance AND Spiritual Value🍷...
... Until 2008, During a Lunar Eclipse🌘(2/21/08) after a Spiritual Awakening.(courtesy of my Ancestors☠😉)
...And A Book*, that Started me On the path, To finding out who I Truly Am, And who My Ancestors TRULY Were.💀☠
(*Voo Doo Queen: The Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau📖 - ✒Written by, Martha Ward, An Esteemed Professor, at a Local New Orleans University 📚).

I am an empath and an artist🎨🖌... and feel most things a bit more intensely than others, as most empaths do..
A characteristic which has helped me in my profession as a Licensed Massage Therapist (NCBTMB)(LMT).💆‍♀️💆‍♂️
I am a healer by nature, and I have realized that there are MANY aspects of " healing " 💆‍♀️and "nurturing"💆‍♂️..
I Truely joined Social Media less than 2 years ago, After being asked to actively participate in A Social Media Campaign for The Original, "Charmed" TV Show, A Favorite of Mine..."Witch"😉 I Did, Of Course!😁 (I now have Over 13,000 Friends & Followers,❤ & love them all🤗)
I have learned A New way of Traveling🛫 and Connecting🌎 with New and interesting people.... After a long hiatus from "Society"and "Spiritual journey", courtesy of my Ancestors,💀
... I am Aware that Most will have a difficult time believing that my Ancestors💀 have Truly Guided Me.😊
...To that, I offer lyrics to a Favorite song from a favorite musical band:
🎤"Can't Stop The Spirits When They Need You,💀 This Life Is More Than Just A Read Through"📜🎶 -
The RedHot Chili Peppers🌶😉
...And although I have traveled Much in my Life, and have lived all over the world,🌎 I have learned from my Beautiful Connections in the Social Media community,👭👬👫😊and in my short experience online, of meeting new people🌏.....
That there are many aspects of Healing., Nurturing, and Touching each others lives in a positive manner.❤
And😊.... A whole new way of traveling🛫 and meeting new people. from all over the Planet🌏....without ever leaving home🏡🤗
...That there are so many lives that we have the ability to touch and "heal"💆‍♀️, without ever meeting face to face...
I have a deep desire to help humanity in any way possible, for This is The True Art🎨 Of Healing💗🖌...
I have had a Very Colorful life, up until now, with many learning experiences, that have taught me Much...
Being away from "Society",👭👬👫 for Almost 4 Years without phones📲☎️📞, electricity🔌, and all of the lifes comforts💻🖥🖨💡, INCLUDING running water🚿, in The Mystical Mountains Of Montana 🌲🏞🏕....
Brought me closer to NATURE, 🌿🌳🌾...
BUT my journey on Social Media📲, has brought me closer to humanity👫👬👭, (oddly enough)🤫😉
And made me realize, the deep connection in my work as a massage therapist is Rooted in My Compassion and Love for Humanity in General..💆‍♀️💆‍♂️💟💗💞
I wish to Expand on This.
I KNOW that I was LED to the Door☠🚪...
Of This Amazing Organization🔺️
...*By the Guiding Light🕯 Of My Ancestors..💀🕯🕯🕯🙏
" I "..... Finally stopped fighting the Synchronicities and Signs that were given to me🙊🙉🙈...
For All of The Emotions that that would have had me turn my back on My Destiny⚜,
Were based in "fear".😳
But... if One Allows His/Her guard to be dropped,
If Even for a moment... And Trust Our Divine Destiny,🙏🏼
One can Only Truely Feel the "Vibration Of Love",💞
or ❤"Love Frequency"📡,....
...Of Which We Are All A Part👭📡❤👬❤👫❤👫❤👭❤👨‍👩‍👧‍👧😊
(Reference:📖 The Book of Secrets, Chapter:📡Living in The Love Vibration - Osho📚)
...And, A "Genuine Caring" for all of Mankind❤🔺️...
And This....
Is A Beautiful Thing!🔺️💃

In The Words Of A Favorite Author, Philosopher & Guru:.
"Nobody Is SUPERIOR;
BUT, Nobody Is EQUAL Either.
People Are Simply UNIQUE,
I Am I."✒📜
- Osho📚🕯

This Life Truly Is an Art🎨🖌...
A Unique. Spiritual,
"Soul Journey", Towards Enlightenment🕯And Oneness!❤
We Each Have Purpose🙏🏼 and Unique Gifts🎁....
As None Were Left Out.
Everyone is a Part Of,
"The Never-Ending Story",✒📖..... This Beautiful Path Towards, "Divine Knowledge",📚 And Enlightenment.🕯
It Is Up to Each And Everyone of Us To Connect With Whom We Once Were, And Reveal The Path of Our Individual Extraordinary Journeys.. 🌄Sharing My Story📖.... is a meager attempt to help,
"Show the way",💡As A Lightworker,🕯 The Same As I was helped, with Many books📚 and articles📑, from The Testimonials of Others that helped to shed light on my journey. 🏕🏜
🙏Thank you To All Of Those Who took the Time,✒ and Shared your Stories with me,📖 & Helped me to Find My Way.🕯
For This is the TRUE Path Of "The Lightworker,"🕯 We Are,
"The Way-Showers",💡
"The Bringers Of The Dawn."🌄

💎"To Laugh, Often & Much;
To Win The Respect Of INTELLIGENT People & The Affection Of Children;
To Earn The Appreciation Of Honest Critics & ENDURE The Betrayal Of False Friends;
To Appreciate Beauty⚘,
To Find The Best In Others;
To Leave The World A Bit Better🌏, Whether By A Healthy Child, A Garden Patch💐🌱🌷,
Or A Redeemed Social Condition;🗽
To KNOW Even One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Have Lived.❤
- Ralph Waldo Emerson ✒📃

🔺️"Hail The Light!🕯
& Blessed Be!"🌈🙇‍♀️"Namaste!"🙏🏼❤

Theresa-Seraphina Vernon⚜
A Member Of,
🕯The Bringers Of The Dawn - Barbara Marcinak📚
"Yes...❤ I Love Books!"📖😏😊
With Special Gratitude to My Ancestors💀 for bridging the connection To "The 7 ORISHAS":🌁🌐🙏
☠The 7 Voodooian Powers of My Ancestoral Heritage:
👑 "YEMAYA"🙏🙇‍♀️
👑 "OSCHUN"🙏🙇‍♀️
👑 "OYA" 🙏🙇‍♀️
👑 "OBATALA" 🙏🙇‍♀️
👑 "OGUN" 🙏🙇‍♀️
👑 "ESHU ELEGBRA" 🙏🙇‍♀️
👑 "SHANGO" 🙏🙇‍♀️
"Thank you for your Wisdom and Guidance Thus Far, and for The Strength and Endurance to travel this Tumultuous Road, and The Destiny, For Which, You Have Chosen me;
⚜💀"Witch/Strega/Servant Of Nature/Voodoo Priestess",
And "MOIRAI"♀️♀️♀️🙏🏼🍷⚜

🙏🏼"Please Continue To Guide And Protect Me, On This Spiritual Journey. "🙏🙇‍♀️
"Pran Sa messaj sa eales santro selevoni"
"May We All Benefit From The Wisdom And Protection of The Ancestors, 💀🙏
For In The End, We Are What We Stand Up For, We Are What We Protect."⚜🙏

✒This Biography Recorded: 12/2019
✒Updated: The Day Of Beltane, 2020⚜

-A Podcast On Anchor.⚓📡❤
http://www.anchor.fm/TheCreoleDiaries 💎

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