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Greetings may the Light be upon you!!
I'm blessed that you have come to visit my profile! I am excited and honored to connect with you Brothers and Sisters of the Light.
I am working on two projects that I believe will help achieve the unification of the species and would love your feedback on them.
First, please read my article on Hemp in Alaska and how Hemp will provide a self-sustainable future for Alaska and a tax revenue source that will pay for Healthcare for all Alaskan residents.
Please visit http://www.HempforHealthcare.com and help support my mission to revolutionize Alaska's economy and America's economy with Hemp and create Economic Independence for my people and a new Healthcare System.
Next, please read my article launching the HUMAN Party of Alaska. This political party is dedicated to using the HUMAN acronym to promote a world of a Unified Species.
Please read about it here:

Following the Light has taught me many lessons of the importance of providing healthcare for the people, sharing the wealth and abundance God gives me for improving the lives of others, and how to approach the world with maturity and less selfishness. I am blessed to have been invited to Follow the Light and I am loyal to the Illuminati missions of knowledge, enlightenment, unification, abundance, protection, and advancement of the human species.
I seek and work toward an awakened species and a world of free trade and peace. All Glory goes to God and the Illuminati have helped me live my life purpose to unify humankind and saving the planet with the Hemp plant.
I seek to build Cannabis Cities of Alaska and I am looking for investors and supporters for the Alaskan Hemp Industry and Hemp for Healthcare! Please contact me at contact@hempforhealthcare.com if you would like to help me revolutionize Alaska and America's economy with Industrial Hemp!

You cannot stop the momentum of Industrial Hemp. You can either get on the train or get out of the way! Let me help you start a business in the Alaskan Hemp Industry today!

Join my Facebook Group called Illuminati Light Bearers here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2714980145421527/

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